Ceela Cleans and Balances

Ceela cleans you fully, replacing old worn oils with new clean oils that help nourish and beautify skin.

Skin Oily? Ceela Can Help

Our special anti-oil blend gives the skin the perfect push to “right balance” your oily skin to beauty.

Years off in 15 minutes…

Exfoliants can help erase the years. We offer a simple and manageble system. Our gel exfoliant starts when you place it on your skin and stops when you wash it off. To completely neutralize the exfoliant apply MagiCalm for 30 seconds and wash off. Years off in minutes.

Detergent Free Creams

No detergents in Ceela creams. Most lotions and creams products have very powerful detergents for shelf life. Using Ceela Creams leaves you with beautiful skin nourished by the things skin can use.

Ceela Brings Choice to Skincare

Premium pure ingredients. All non-GMO, All Vegan, And Gluten Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Shell-Fish Free, and Fish Free, Cruelty Free. Our products contain only what you want.

Body Lotion Nourishes for Beauty

Four Premium oils in 1 ounce contain 1 gram of omega 3 oil or about half of your daily need for by oral nutrition standards and more than enough to nourish your skin to beauty.  

Do You Want Total Control …
of Your Cosmetics’ Skin Nourishment?


Skin Nourishment

We submit to your total control: Pure Edible Ingredients, Great Manufacturing Process, and Friendly Sanitary Packaging. Everything we do, we do to please and serve your needs. We find meaning in offering our power for your purpose. We give you the opportunity to apply the same principles you know for good oral nutrition to skin nourishment.

We know what makes skin beautiful- great skin nourishment; we understand the biology and science to do this. Our staff averages 8 years of post-high-school education. We bring the collective intellect, spirit and energy of our staff to you. Everything…all that we do well results from our given gifts from the divine. We experience joy when we can nourish you with these talents in a way that you can come to know this presence in the universe, the ultimate source of all that provides skin nourishment.

Everything we do seeks to please you, support you, and help you be more of who you want to be. We can do this because we want to share our gifts from the ultimate source of all that provides skin nourishment.