Gluten Soy Nut Dairy Free Cosmetics

Necessary for Some; Healthy for All

Gluten Soy Nut Dairy Free Cosmetics and Skin Care With Elegance

We go deeper and farther into making Ceela creams something your body will welcome.

We have no parabens, no artificial preservatives...

All cosmetic ingredients should be pure... but not all ingredients actually participate in your body's normal biology. Ours do. How do we know?...because we use ingredients found in our body. Our founder, a physician-biochemist, checks these ingredients, but check them yourselves. We show all our ingredients. The general categories are listed below; the specifics on the product pages.

We exclude all common allergens, including corn. None to be found in our manufacturing facility.

We exclude any ingredient that has a potential hormonal effect.

We exclude ingredients that knowledgeable, unbiased people recommend not to eat.


Avoiding Allergens a Key Factor In Eczema and Many Skin Rashes

Gluten-Soy-Nut-Dairy-Free-Cosmetics Gluten-Soy-Nut-Dairy-Free-Cosmetics Gluten-Soy-Nut-Dairy-Free-Cosmetics

Gluten Free Cosmetics and Skin Care

We use entirely wheat free protein and vitamin ingredients. Ceela gives skin what it needs to be skin, healthy and beautiful. We take this seriously. We keep all our ingredients common allergen & corn free to encourage health for all.

Did you know that your make-up free healthy skin actually predicts how the opposite sex feels about you?
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"When trying to find someone for a long term committed relationship, skin health may be a particularly useful marker of current health condition..."     Healthy skin shows that you would be a long term fit as a partner. Make-up hides this important information when dating.
British Royal Study

Ceela offers the next innovation in the science of natural skincare.
Ceela's natural ingredients integrate with your skin's essence.
Ceela integrates building blocks found normally within to build skin... giving  skin what it needs to be skin.

• Potent
• Rich
• Nourishing for beautiful healthy skin
• Totally free of dubious chemicals.


Ceela Gives Skin What It Needs… To Be Skin

We check each ingredient for any hormonal activity. We know our ingredients will nourish. And never alter your hormonal balance.  Show Me

At Ceela Naturals, our philosophy is simple. We encourage healthy skin attractiveness with healthier ingredients.

• We use only the finest ingredients that fit into our normal human physiology
• On skin means in body, we avoid harmful additives or non human chemicals
• Each of our products meets the unique nutrition needs of your skin and body
• Ceela means common allergen + corn free, cruelty free, vegan, and Non-GMO
• Avoid harmful chemicals, cancer-causing hormone-mimics,and additives

Why Ceela Attracts


Your skin needs more protein than any other organ in your body.

Ceela gives you the same protein building blocks found in normal skin. These have important effects on how the skin holds moisture and looks.

About 1/10th of everything you eat supports your skin. And you skin is only about 1/30 of your body. This important organ needs 3 times more protein than the rest of  your body.


Vitamins are Vital... essential to good health.

Vitamins in Ceela help maintain the lotion and offer your skin the touch and feel you want.

We use Rice Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C all to give you a great experience with our products.

Did you know that most Vitamin E comes for Soy and Wheat. Tocotrienol can be found in Annatto and Rice Bran.


Omega_3_oil_from_chia_seed omega_6_9_11_unsaturated_C18 sunflower_seed-oil-polyunsaturated-good omega-3-kiwi-seed-oil tococtrienol-vit-E-rich

A thoughtful blend of Omega 3-6-9 oils helps make Ceela the Healthy Ingredient Leader in Skin Care

Black Currant, Safflower, Sunflower, Chia, Kiwi all make Ceela the healthiest blend of Omega 3-6-9 oils possible.

Olive provides its oils from its fruit. Ceela finds special sourcing of its olives to be certain these are entirely Vegan, Common Allergen Free, and Non-GMO. The Olive provides both Squalane and Squalene for Ceela.


Hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid are carbohydrates that form the substance of skin. Carbohydrates hold on to water and nurture the the cells of our skin. Hyaluronate has a great reputation for reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Irish Red Sea Moss or Iota Carrageenan is a complex carbohydrate used in food extensively. Carrageenan has several types, but Iota Carrageenan has great properties for washing skin. Many have shown that Iota Carrageenan can fight influenza, human papilloma, and herpes viruses.  



• Surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate, TEA, DEA,
• Wheat or soy based Vitamin E...
• Any synthetic detergent
• MORE THAN 10% Saturated Fatty Acids
• Parabens or artificial preservatives

Our special 3-6-9 Omega Blend has less than 10% saturated fatty acids. Ceela Skin Creams are the only marketed creams, with the same safe levels of saturated fatty acids recommended by the FDA for food: "High intake of saturated fats... increases the risk of unhealthy blood lipids levels, which, in turn, may increase the risk of coronary heart disease." 

And yes oils do penetrate our skin and enter our blood stream.
From Skin to Blood Stream


Our body is composed of chemicals. Ceela finds vegan sources of these to make Ceela products. If it is not in our bodies it is not in our products....

Gluten Soy Nut Dairy Free Cosmetics and skin care remain our central goal. We go the next step by using the healthiest ingredients by any standard.