Beauty Thru Skin Nutrition…
Cosmetics That Nourish Skin

Only 7 ingredients All Pure Free of any detergents to disorder skin So much for beauty Detergent free creams nourish skin Exfoliant Gel allows for stop action

Beauty Thru Skin Nutrition

Beauty thru skin nutrition says it all... After all does not saying someone is fit and well nourished mean that someone is a beauty... the picture of good health?

Ceela offers the finest nutrition possible in skincare. We put the same principles of a good diet into your cosmetics.You do absorb at least the oils from other cosmetics creams into your body. You owe to yourself to only put the best oils on your skin. If you would not eat petrolatum jelly, palm or coconut oil then do not put them on your skin. Choose great oils instead of cheap and unhealthy ones in so many creams.

We offer in our line pure edible ingredients that your skin can use. Putting avocado on your skin seems ok. But you need to eat the avocado to get the nutrition. Skin cannot digest whole foods. We know the ingredients you skin can use without having to eat them. We use this knowledge to offer beauty thru skin nutrition. We believe you will become more beautiful, need less covering cosmetics, and look healthy with our cosmetics: beauty thru skin nutrition.

We know what nourishes the skin to make it beautiful. We understand the biology and science to do this. Our staff averages 8 years of post-high-school education. We bring the collective intellect, spirit and energy of our staff to you. Everything...all that we do well results from our given gifts from the divine. We experience joy when we can nourish you with these talents in a way that you can come to know this presence in the universe, the ultimate source of all that provides skin nourishment.

Show some skin! use less make-up. Let people see your health.Everything we do seeks to help your skin to health and beauty. We are grateful to share this knowledge. We know it will help you.